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Short Synopsis
Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue presents Book 3 of the Slime Dungeon Chronicles.

Full Synopsis
The dungeon adventures continue with Doc, Claire, and company. With the win over the Tomb of the Forgotten King, they are as strong and curious as ever. While the town recovers from the attack, Doc settles in with his new powers and improves his dungeon to new levels. New slime evolutions, traps, and floors incoming!

Meanwhile, something is rising in the dark in Duren. To counter this, Prince James takes the center stage and decides to have his coronation ceremony in the dungeon town. However, even he can't imagine the plans in motion that will soon engulf his city and country.

With all this happening, the mysterious cocoon in the dungeon has begun to hatch . . .

The Dungeon’s Child

Author Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue

Narrated by Ryan Turner

Publication date Oct 24, 2017

Running time 7 hrs 15 min

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