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Short Synopsis
J. A. Armitage and Claire Luana present Book 2 in the Faerie Race series.

Full Synopsis
Welcome to round two of The Faerie Race—an epic adventure through a realm as compelling as it is deadly . . .

The Faerie Race has proven more grueling and deadly than Jacqueline thought possible. With one trial down and two to go, it seems the reality show's producers will stop at nothing to get their ratings—even murder.

It will take all of Jacq's cunning to get through the next trial unscathed, but all she can think about is her discovery that her sister is alive. Too bad her search for answers has only left her with more questions, and more enemies.

Forced to work side-by-side with their beautiful and duplicitous competition, Orin and Jacq are plunged back into a magical world filled with bizarre creatures, far-reaching conspiracies, and not nearly enough to eat. Each challenge brings the two of them closer—but that just means they have more to lose.

Will Jacq be able to reach the final checkpoint with her heart and her life intact, or will The Elemental Trial prove too daunting?

The Elemental Trial

Author J.A. Armitage, Claire Luana

Narrated by Ann Marie Gideon

Publication date Dec 10, 2019

Running time 5 hrs 9 min

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