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Short Synopsis
One of the world's leading scholars offers a fresh interpretation of the linked origins of World War I and the Russian Revolution.

Full Synopsis
World War I and the Russian Revolution together shaped the twentieth century in profound ways. In The End of Tsarist Russia, acclaimed scholar Dominic Lieven connects for the first time the two events, providing both a history of the First World War's origins from a Russian perspective and an international history of why the revolution happened.

Based on exhaustive work in seven Russian archives as well as many non-Russian sources, Dominic Lieven's work is about far more than just Russia. By placing the crisis of empire at its core, Lieven links World War I to the sweep of twentieth-century global history. He shows how contemporary hot issues such as the struggle for Ukraine were already crucial elements in the run-up to 1914.

By incorporating into his book new approaches and comparisons, Lieven tells the story of war and revolution in a way that is truly original and thought-provoking.

"A Russian scholar opens up new, even startling historical connections." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"Lieven has a gift for illuminating the intricacies and complexities of tsarist Russia…" ---Publishers Weekly

"A gripping, poignant and in some respects revolutionary contribution to European history." ---The Economist
Kirkus Review

The End of Tsarist Russia

The March to World War I and Revolution

Author Dominic Lieven

Narrated by Shaun Grindell

Publication date Aug 18, 2015

Running time 19 hrs

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