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Short Synopsis
Bradford Bates and Michael Anderle present Book 4 in the Rise of the Grandmaster series.

Full Synopsis
"The reason we don't pay dragon hunters upfront is they tend to get turned into crispy little snacks, and the big fat lizards get to keep our gold. So now it's strictly a pay-on-delivery line of work."

Does the Blue Dagger Society really want to go into this line of work?

Their next quest would be decided over a heaping double stack of Joe's famous buttermilk pancakes.

Doesn't everything work better with pancakes?

King Rasmus has something Eternia needs. The Blue Dagger Society needs the experience.

It was settled. They were about to embark on another epic adventure.

The Eyes of Prophecy

Author Bradford Bates, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Sean William Doyle

Publication date Jan 25, 2022

Running time 15 hrs

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