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Short Synopsis
Tara West presents Book 2 in the Dragon Defenders series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I have escaped the dragon's den, only to fall into a pit of vipers.

The assassination attempt on my husband failed when his mage used dark magic to bring him back to life. King Milas is now an even bigger monster, determined to destroy Periculi and the men I love.

My brother, whom I believed to be dead, is alive, and he has taken Quin and me against our will to Fae Kingdom. He thinks we'll be safe with my grandfather, the Fae King. He's wrong.

My grandfather and his mage are even more mad than my husband. They harbor many dark secrets, each one more gruesome than the last. We must escape their watchful eyes and return to Periculi before the defenders are obliterated. I hope we're not too late.

Contains mature themes.

The Fae Queen's Captors

Author Tara West

Narrated by Anais Inara Chase

Publication date Apr 5, 2022

Running time 9 hrs

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