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Short Synopsis
The Fall of Colossus is the follow-up to D. F. Jones's harrowing classic Colossus.

Full Synopsis
The hugely powerful and pervasive presence of the Colossus supercomputer mechanically runs Earth and its myriad operations. Managed by its creator, Dr. Charles Forbin, it is incapable of lies and void of human emotion.

It is not a robot and not human.

As part of its brief to enhance the human race, it runs eerie emotion research centers, authorizing acts of savagery to measure resistance and feeling. Art and abstract creation are banned, and surveillance is constant. No one is free.

The power of Colossus is spiraling out of control.

The Sect worship it as a God, enforcing its word at every opportunity and seeking out traitors. The Fellowship secretly oppose it as a force of evil, and they risk their lives in a concentrated effort to destroy it and escape its domination.

Meanwhile, as Forbin becomes increasingly disillusioned with what he has unleashed on the world, his wife, Cleo, becomes distant, with disastrous consequences.

"The narration was done by PJ Ochlan who does a great job." ---Brian's Book Blog

The Fall of Colossus

Author D. F. Jones

Narrated by P.J. Ochlan

Publication date May 30, 2017

Running time 8 hrs 28 min

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