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Short Synopsis
This audiobook includes two novels in the Flayed One series, The Flayed One and The Journal of H. D. Wards.

Full Synopsis
Flayed: At seventeen, Mia Rose Ellis is haunted by a tragic summer and painful secrets. Seeking refuge in the forest behind her house, however, she finds two things that change everything: a rotten corpse and an archaic journal filled with horrifying tales. As Mia begins to read the eerie stories of a terrifying, malicious creature, she begins to realize the forest surrounding her house is more dangerous than she could've imagined.

The Journal of H. D. Wards: It comes at night, when the world is a dusty, quiet ball of forgotten memories. When the horrific creature known as The Flayed One comes for you, make no mistake. You will not be saved.

These are the last known words of H. D. Wards, a teenage boy living in the town of Cedarcrest in the 1970s. Legends in the town talk of strange disappearances in the Redwood Forest, a dark wood at the edge of the town. Ward's body was never found, but this journal was uncovered in the forest in the year 2020 by a visiting teenager.

This flesh destroying monster had been the thing of legends for locals, but Ward's horrifying account details strange nightly visits, terrifying flesh maladies, and a chilling fight for survival.

Contains mature themes.

The Flayed One & The Journal of H.D. Wards

Author L.A. Detwiler

Narrated by Joe Hempel

Publication date Jun 28, 2022

Running time 5 hrs

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