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Short Synopsis
M. L. Bullock presents Book 12 in the Gulf Coast Paranormal series.

Full Synopsis
After the devastating loss the team experienced on their last investigation, Midas is hesitant to return to the paranormal field. However, a desperate phone call from a local fire chief and a terrifying experience at an old Mobile fire station draws the leader of Gulf Coast Paranormal back to find answers for the chief and the firefighters. Cassidy immediately goes to work on her sketch while Joshua meets an otherworldly being face to face. Bruce brings his archaeological expertise to the table while Sierra finds the third floor intensely haunted.

Can the Gulf Coast Paranormal team pick up the pieces and move on or will this be their last ghost hunt together?

The Ghosts of Phoenix No. 7

Author M. L. Bullock

Narrated by Cody Roberts, Emily Lawrence

Publication date Oct 26, 2021

Running time 4 hrs 25 min

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