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Short Synopsis
S. A. Archer presents Book 2 in the Gilded Path series.

Full Synopsis
Through financial smarts, the internal power gained from cultivating wealth, and a heaping of raw cunning, Peter has found his way from lowly Gold clan slave to master of the Bo clan's fiscal empire and a beautiful collection of lovers and wives. But his true purpose in this strange realm of magic and martial arts remains unknown.

Until now . . .

As the tendrils of darkness begin to strangle the country, Peter will find out the truth. And to survive the dangers ahead, he will need to spread his golden touch and breakthrough to the next level of cultivation, all the while weaving through the deadly minefield of Imperial politics and the constant threat of death from all sides.

No pressure.

The Gilded Path II

A Cultivation Portal Fantasy

Author S.A. Archer

Narrated by Todd Menesses

Publication date Sep 27, 2022

Running time 9 hrs 21 min

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