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Short Synopsis
S. A. Archer presents Book 3 in the Gilded Path series.

Full Synopsis
After Peter's explosive battle against the head of the Bo clan, he, his cadre of lovers, and his loyal allies are on the move as the dark forces from the ancient past rise up throughout the Empire. While things seem bleak, Peter has one thing that no one else in this strange land has . . .

He knows the truth. The truth of the Empire's hidden past, a thread of knowledge that leads him on the trail of the ancient evil that threatens his new family and his new home.

But to defeat it, Peter will have to not only rally new friends and allies to his side, he will have to truly master the Gilded Path, amass the internal power from wealth untold, and breakthrough to such a level of power to stand undefeated against the deadliest of masters of the martial arts.

From lowly accountant to downtrodden slave to the master of Gold, it seems an impossible path to follow, but Peter must, or all he loves is doomed.

The Gilded Path III

Author S.A. Archer

Narrated by Todd Menesses

Publication date Oct 25, 2022

Running time 10 hrs 18 min

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