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Short Synopsis
A must-listen novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the Billionaire Bad Boys series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ansel Bray, an artist known around the world for his tragic hiatus from the canvas. Ansel Bray, a broody, handsome man not known by me, at all. Long dark hair, blue eyes, and dimpled cheeks. I've never met her, but her image is imprinted in my mind. An angel muse who inspires me to paint again.

There is something about him. Something that spurs a need to be as close to him as possible. A need to find out why. There is something about her. Something that draws me in. Something that urges me to find out what her presence means.

Why does the girl in his painting look so much like me? Who is this girl, and why can I see her so vividly?

I shouldn't fall in love with him. I shouldn't fall in love at all.

But fate plays her hand. But fate has other plans.

The lines of my life will blur. The needs of my heart will change.

What a beautiful mess we've made.

Contains mature themes.

"Max Monroe give you a bit of whiplash with how your heart feels sad one minute and happy with contentment the next. It's an incredible talent!" —Next Book Review Blog

The Girl in the Painting

Author Max Monroe

Narrated by Stephanie Rose, Alexander Cendese

Publication date May 21, 2019

Running time 8 hrs

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