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Short Synopsis
In this sequel to The Yellow Claw, Sax Rohmer's famous detectives Gaston Max and Inspector Dunbar investigate an international gang of assassins that is mysteriously linked to the elimination of the greatest scientific minds of the world.

Full Synopsis
Four brilliant men have died mysteriously—and the only clue is the carved tail of a golden scorpion left beside their bodies. The man behind the horror calls himself "The Scorpion," and he is clearly a man of superior cunning. When the finest detectives of France and England—Gaston Max and Inspector Dunbar—join forces to stop the Scorpion before he can add a fifth victim to his list, the twisting trail takes them from the haunts of London's underworld to the seamy opium dens of Chinatown—and from there into the "Lair of the Scorpion."

The Golden Scorpion, with eBook

Author Sax Rohmer

Narrated by John Bolen

Publication date Aug 17, 2009

Running time 8 hrs

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