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Short Synopsis
This boxset contains the first three books in the Fantasy and Fairytales series: Golden Curse, Golden Chains, and Golden Crown.

Full Synopsis
There is only one way to be free of the curse. Etta Basile has to die.

The only other option is to give in to the magic that has held generations of her family tied to their greatest enemies.

And Etta refuses to die.

Thrust into a tournament to fight for her life, Etta knows something the royal family does not. If they have her killed, they too lose something they hold dear. Their beloved prince.

His life is tied to Etta's by a power they can't imagine. If she survives the tournament, she must protect him at all costs, despite his family's persecution of her people. But as she searches for a way to break the unbreakable magic, she realizes he is not the enemy she wants to believe.

The closer she gets to Prince Alexandre, the harder it is to remember who she truly is. A girl whose true identity must remain hidden. A girl with an illegal ability that can lead to her execution. A girl who has already lost everything there is to lose.

As the Basile curse throws everything into question, Etta must figure out the difference between love and magic. If there is one at all.

The Golden Warrior

Author M. Lynn

Narrated by Emily Lawrence

Publication date Feb 21, 2023

Running time 25 hrs

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