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Short Synopsis
The Guns of the South is an engrossing alternate-history novel from author Harry Turtledove.

Full Synopsis
January 1864: General Robert E. Lee faces defeat. The Army of Northern Virginia is ragged and ill-equpped. Gettysburg has broken the back of the Confederacy and decimated its manpower.

Then, Andries Rhoodie, a strange man with an unplaceable accent, approaches Lee with an extraordinary offer. Rhoodie demonstrates an amazing rifle: its rate of fire is incredible, its lethal efficiency breathtaking—and Rhoodie guarantees unlimited quantities to the Confederates.

The name of the weapon is the AK-47 . . .

"A highly original and extraordinary vision of history as it both was and could have been." ---Sir Read A Lot

"An exceptionally riveting and innovative narrative that successfully straddles the gulf between fact and fantasy." ---Booklist

The Guns of the South

Author Harry Turtledove

Narrated by Paul Costanzo

Publication date Oct 11, 2016

Running time 25 hrs

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