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Short Synopsis
Bad habits can take a hefty toll on your health and happiness. In The Here-and-Now Habit, mindfulness expert Hugh Byrne provides powerful practices based in mindfulness and neuroscience to help you rewire your brain and finally break the habits that are holding you back from a meaningful life.

Full Synopsis
Have you found yourself doing something and thinking, Why do I keep doing this? We all have an unhealthy habit—or two, or three. Yours may be as simple as wasting time on the Internet, constantly checking your e-mail, or spending too much time in front of the TV. Or, it may be more serious, like habitual drinking, emotional overeating, constant self-criticism, or chronic worrying. Whatever your harmful habit is—you have the power to break it.

The Here-and-Now Habit provides proven, effective techniques to help you stop existing on autopilot and start living in the here and now. You'll learn how to cultivate mindfulness to calm and focus your mind, be aware of thoughts without identifying with them or believing they are true, deal with difficult emotions, and clarify your own intentions regarding unhealthy habits by asking yourself, What do I want? How important is it to me to make this change?

By learning to pay attention to your thoughts and actions in the moment, you'll discover how to let go of old patterns and create healthier habits and ways of living that will make you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about you, you can do just about anything.

"Hugh G. Byrne brings together contemporary science, ancient teachings, and his own experience to help his readers learn to suffer less by changing unskillful habits---what a generous gift!" ---Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness

"Practical and profound…" ---Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha's Brain

"A must-read for those willing to witness their lives and deepen their personal and relational well-being." ---Ruth King, author of Mindful of Race

"The Here-and-Now Habit, is one of the best books I know on learning how to apply mindfulness to our everyday life." ---Loch Kelly, author of Shift into Freedom

"If you want to change your habits and become happier and more free, try the practical mindfulness and wise instruction of The Here-and-Now Habit." ---Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

The Here-and-Now Habit

How Mindfulness Can Help You Break Unhealthy Habits Once and for All

Author Hugh G. Byrne, PhD

Narrated by Mike Chamberlain

Publication date May 10, 2016

Running time 5 hrs 24 min

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