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Short Synopsis
In the fifth book in Eliza Knight's Stolen Bride series, Highland warrior Brandon Sinclair is determined to seduce his enemy's mistress.

Full Synopsis
Laird Brandon Sinclair has given his life to the Scottish cause. Swearing fealty to Robert the Bruce, he will stop at nothing to see oppression end.

Lady Mariana wants nothing more than to break free of the tyrannical hold the English king has on her. When he sends her to Scotland with a message for the rebels, instead of obeying his orders, she finds herself submitting to her desires. After one sizzling, life-altering night, Brandon and Mariana must part ways. But Mariana has no intention of betraying her heart again.

And Brandon is determined to get her back. Stealing Longshank's secrets felt like victory, but taking his woman will be this Highlander's ultimate triumph.

The Highlander's Triumph

Author Eliza Knight

Narrated by Corrie James

Publication date Aug 19, 2013

Running time 8 hrs 6 min

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