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Short Synopsis
They're rebels, scoundrels, and blackguards—dark, dashing men on the wrong side of the law. But for the women who love them, a hint of danger only makes the heart beat faster. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Christopher Argent lives in the shadows as the empire's most elite assassin. Emotion is something he tossed away years ago, making him one of the most clear-eyed, coldhearted, wealthiest, and therefore untouchable men in London. But when his latest target turns out to be London's own darling, Millicent LeCour, Christopher's whole world is turned upside down. Overwhelmed by her stunning combination of seduction and innocence, Christopher cannot complete the mission. She has made him feel again. Now, he will do anything to save her life, so that he can claim her as his own . . .

When Millie learns what Christopher was hired to do, she is torn between the fear in her heart and the fire in her soul. Putting herself in this notorious hunter's arms may be her only path to safety—even if doing so could be the deadliest mistake she's ever made. But how can she resist him? As the heat between her and Christopher burns out of control, danger lurks in the shadows. Is their desire worth the risk? Only the enemy knows what fate has in store . . .

Contains mature themes.

"Both narrative and dialogue are well-paced and expressive, and [Perkins] interpretation of both leads is excellent." ---AudioGals

"Perkins's matter-of-fact tone lends authority to the exuberant and occasionally gory text as he skillfully delivers what is, at its center, an old-fashioned tale of a man redeemed by the love of a woman." ---AudioFile

The Hunter

Author Kerrigan Byrne

Narrated by Derek Perkins

Publication date Feb 2, 2016

Running time 13 hrs 8 min

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