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Short Synopsis
In an utterly original and blackly comic debut from author Mark Doten comes a fierce, searing response to the chaos of the war on terror.

Full Synopsis
In the early years of the Iraq War, a severely burned boy appears on a remote rock formation in the Akkad Valley. A shadowy, powerful group within the U.S. government speculates: Who is he? Where did he come from? And, crucially, what does he know?

In pursuit of that information, an interrogator is summoned from his prison cell, and a hideous and forgotten apparatus of torture, which extracts "perfect confessions," is retrieved from the vaults.

Over the course of four days, a cavalcade of voices rises up from the Akkad boy, each one striving to tell his or her own story. Some of these voices are familiar: Osama bin Laden, L. Paul Bremer, Condoleezza Rice, Mark Zuckerberg. Others are less so. But each one has a role in the world shaped by the war on terror. Each wants to tell us: This is the world as it exists in our innermost selves. This is what has been and what might be. This is The Infernal.

"Doten's dazzling novel shows off his intellect and facility with language." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"[Doten's] novel constructs a new language to confront atrocity and becomes in the bargain a story that truly thinks outside the cage." ---Publishers Weekly
Kirkus Review

The Infernal

A Novel

Author Mark Doten

Narrated by Neil Shah

Publication date Mar 31, 2015

Running time 12 hrs

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