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Short Synopsis
Learn the essential skills of psychological first aid from the experts—the creators of the Johns Hopkins RAPID PFA method.

Full Synopsis
Psychological first aid, or PFA, is designed to mitigate the effects of acute stress and trauma and assist those in crisis to cope effectively. PFA can be applied in emergencies, including disasters, terrorist attacks, and the COVID-19 pandemic. In the second edition of this essential guide, George S. Everly, Jr., and Jeffrey M. Lating draw on their experiences in Kuwait after the Gulf War, in New York City after the September 11 attacks, and during the COVID-19 pandemic to describe the principles and practices of PFA in an easy-to-follow, prescriptive, and practical manner. Informed by current events, the second edition includes updated chapters as well as three completely new chapters on:

● cultural awareness

● PFA considerations with children

● the use of PFA to facilitate community mental health and resilience

Aimed at mental health practitioners, first responders, and global health disaster teams such as the World Health Organization, but also beneficial to those with little or no previous mental health training, The Johns Hopkins Guide to Psychological First Aid explains RAPID PFA—a unique method that follows a set of easily understood principles.

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Psychological First Aid, Second Edition

Author George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating

Narrated by Jennifer Jill Araya

Publication date Aug 2, 2022

Running time 8 hrs 28 min

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