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Short Synopsis
Cunning. Sex. Pure nerve. Only this potent threesome can raise Kingsley Edge to his rightful place as ruler of Manhattan's kink kingdom. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Bouncing from bed to bed on the Upper East Side, Kingsley Edge is brilliant, beautiful, and utterly debauched. No carnal act or chemical compound can relieve his self-destructive apathy—only Søren, the one person he loves without limit or regret. He plans to open the ultimate BDSM club­: a dungeon playground for New York's A-list that'll change the scene forever.

The club becomes Kingsley's obsession—and he's enlisted some tough-as-nails help. His new assistant, Sam, is smart, secretive, and totally immune to seduction (by men, at least). Still, their combined expertise in domination can't subdue the man who would kill their dream. The enigmatic Reverend Fuller won't rest until King's dream is destroyed. It's one man's sacred mission against another's.

Contains mature themes.

"Reisz winds the story out nicely and it drew me right on in. She is good at throwing out a tension-producing plot point and letting you nearly forget about it. Then, bam! It's back and often surprising." ---Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust

The King

Author Tiffany Reisz

Narrated by Elizabeth Hart

Publication date Nov 25, 2014

Running time 15 hrs

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