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The official inside story of the life, death, and remarkable discovery of history's most controversial monarch.

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On 22 August 1485, Richard III was killed at Bosworth Field, the last king of England to die in battle. His victorious opponent, Henry Tudor (the future Henry VII), went on to found one of our most famous ruling dynasties. Richard's body was displayed in undignified fashion for two days in nearby Leicester and then hurriedly buried in the church of the Greyfriars. Fifty years later, at the time of the dissolution of the monasteries, the king's grave was lost—its contents believed to be emptied into the river Soar—and Richard III's reputation buried under a mound of Tudor propaganda. Its culmination was Shakespeare's compelling portrayal of a deformed and murderous villain, written over a hundred years after Richard's death. Now—in an incredible find—Richard III's remains have been uncovered beneath a car park in Leicester. The King's Grave traces this remarkable journey. In alternate chapters, Philippa Langley, whose years of research and belief that she would find Richard in this exact spot inspired the project, reveals the inside story of the search for the king's grave, and historian Michael Jones tells of Richard's fifteenth-century life and death. The result is a compelling portrayal of one of our greatest archaeological discoveries, allowing a complete re-evaluation of our most controversial monarch—one that discards the distortions of later Tudor histories and puts the man firmly back into the context of his times.

"Corrie James narrates in a clear, matter-of-fact manner that enhances the listening experience." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"James has a cultured, almost delicate, voice and precise diction. She retains the listener's sympathy while conveying Langley's passion for the Plantagenet king, giving us a person who was intuitive, sensitive, energetic, and mystical." ---AudioFile

"A solid, perceptive work that rights historical injustices." ---Publishers Weekly

"Ricardians rejoice!" ---Kirkus

The King's Grave

The Discovery of Richard III's Lost Burial Place and the Clues It Holds

Author Michael Jones, Philippa Langley

Narrated by Corrie James

Publication date Oct 29, 2013

Running time 9 hrs 29 min

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