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Short Synopsis
Christy Esmahan presents The Laptev Virus, an award-winning hard sci-fi medical thriller.

Full Synopsis
Once thought to be pure academic legend, scientists recently found proof of the existence of viruses thousands of times larger than ordinary viruses. So far all have been innocuous, but what if one was a human pathogen? While drilling for oil in the desolate reaches of the Arctic, an unsuspecting company extracts a permafrost ice core that has been frozen for 30,000 years, accidentally releasing a "megavirus." Top investigator Sarah Spallanzani and her team must race against the ticking clock of the short Arctic summer to discover a way to protect workers from the virus before competitors drain the basin of its rich resources . . . and before anyone else succumbs to the deadly fever of the Laptev virus.

"I loved it. . . . It's intriguing and educational to see an actual microbiologist’s take on the emergence of a megavirus and how it would be handled." ---Sci-Fi and Scary

"5 out of 5 stars . . . Adam absolutely crushes it. . . . Adam's narration was perfect for this book." ---Brian's Book Blog

The Laptev Virus

Author Christy Esmahan

Narrated by Vikas Adam

Publication date Feb 28, 2017

Running time 6 hrs 27 min

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