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Short Synopsis
A logical woman's world is turned upside down when she finds herself drawn into a world of mystery and enchantment, in the fifth book in the Dark Ones series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Physicist Portia Harding's life is grounded in facts. There's nothing that can't be explained by logic and science. Until she travels with her best friend to England—and accidentally summons an ethereal Virtue who bequeaths her gift of weather control to Portia . . .

Now Portia's walking around with a literal cloud over her head—and a heart-stoppingly handsome maniac trying to kidnap her. But Theondre North is no run-of-the-mill maniac. He's a nephilim—the son of a fallen angel—who needs Portia's help to change his fate. Problem is, Portia's down-to-earth attitude frustrates beings from both heavenly and hellish realms—and gets Theo turned into a vampire. But at least he has Portia to satisfy his newfound hungers—and possibly save his soul.

"MacAlister's fast-paced romp is a delight with all its quirky twists and turns, which even include a murder mystery." ---Booklist

"As always, the sexy humor, wild secondary characters and outlandish events make [MacAlister's] novels pure escapist pleasure!" ---RT Book Reviews

The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires

Author Katie MacAlister

Narrated by Karen White

Publication date Sep 9, 2013

Running time 9 hrs 26 min

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