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Short Synopsis
Kate Elliott presents Book 4 in the Novels of the Jaran series.

Full Synopsis
In this electrifying finale to Kate Elliott's Novels of the Jaran, the fight against the alien Chapalii empire comes to an exhilarating end.

Charles Soerensen is the human who dared to take on the powerful Chapalii empire. When his plot for a revolt failed, instead of being punished he received a high-ranking title and authority over a whole system of planets—but this did nothing to change his revolutionary inclinations.

In this final book, the story of Tess, Ilya, and Charles comes to its stunning conclusion as new generations get involved in the intrigue, Earth's exiled jaran people resurface, and the Chapalii overlords make one last, unexpected move.

The Law of Becoming

Author Kate Elliott

Narrated by Cindy Kay

Publication date Dec 12, 2023

Running time 31 hrs 15 min

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