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Short Synopsis
Lawyer Jack Tobin lives by his own code, and the first rule is: Everybody deserves a second chance. The Law of Second Chances is a deftly written legal thriller and a fulfilling successor to the critically acclaimed The Mayor of Lexington Avenue.

Full Synopsis
Jack Tobin, a Florida trial lawyer, is dedicated to ending capital punishment one prisoner at a time. Jack is convinced that doomed convict Henry Wilson is innocent, but can he delay execution and get Henry a new trial in time?

Benny Avrile is a small-time crook with his eye on an oilman's big billfold. But as he makes his move, a shot rings out and the oilman falls dead; Benny blacks out. Just when his fate is all but sealed, an old friend from Jack's past reaches out...

The clock is ticking, two innocent men are facing the death penalty, yet the one person who Jack most wants to save—his beloved wife, Pat—may have the least time of all.

"Hill's delivery offers fully dimensional characters and solid descriptions of the...world in which they live. The result is a perfect example of how simple yet powerful audiobook narration can be. A wholly enjoyable experience!" ---AudioFile

"Fast moving and tightly written...boasts a gripping story and characters who will make the reader care. All in all, a stylish and engaging novel." ---Richard North Patterson, author of Exile

The Law of Second Chances

A Novel

Author James Sheehan

Narrated by Dick Hill

Publication date Apr 14, 2008

Running time 13 hrs

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