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Short Synopsis
M. L. Bullock presents the fourth book in her Gulf Coast Paranormal series.

Full Synopsis
A cemetery tour goes horribly wrong—one of the guests is scared to death! A concerned tour guide calls Midas for help, and the Gulf Coast Paranormal team prepares to investigate the potentially paranormal happenings at a cemetery in rural Eight Mile, Alabama. The GCP crew members spend a few nights getting to know the local ghosts and find themselves doing battle with the spirit of the notorious voodoo queen, Ettawa Maybee.

Ghost hunters Sierra and Joshua struggle to make their marriage work. Can Joshua forgive and forget, or will ghosts from his past reappear? Will Cassidy come to terms with the information Midas gave her?

The Legend of the Ghost Queen

Author M. L. Bullock

Narrated by Cody Roberts, Emily Lawrence

Publication date Jul 24, 2019

Running time 4 hrs 6 min

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