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Short Synopsis
The Long-Awaited Child is a moving novel from award-winning author Tracie Peterson.

Full Synopsis
"A child of my Own. Flesh of my flesh . . ." That is the deep yearning that fills Tess's heart. Despite years spend under a doctor's care and advances in medical technology, she and her husband have discovered their options have been exhausted, leaving them with arms empty, long-held dreams shattered.

A unique opportunity arises in the form of a young pregnant teen desperate to free herself from her misguided decisions. Drawn together by their mutual needs, Tess and Sherry see a solution in what the other offers. But what appears to be an ideal agreement soon tests the fragile threads of Tess's fledgling faith.

"Peterson examines an emotional issue with sensitivity and comes up with a surprising twist that fans will treasure." ---Library Journal

The Long-Awaited Child

Author Tracie Peterson

Narrated by Elizabeth Wiley

Publication date Feb 9, 2016

Running time 8 hrs

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