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Short Synopsis
Selene Charles presents Book 2 in the Grimm Files series.

Full Synopsis
Hook is back. Or at least that's what my partner the Mad Hatter, aka Maddox, claims. And I should totally believe him. He does have the sight after all. But I can't. I just won't. Because Hook . . . he was my world. And the day he died in my arms I nearly died too. It's taken me forever to get to a good place again, and that's why I won't go looking for him. I won't go searching for a ghost. Besides, I have a case.

Crow shifters. Bank heists. And lots and lots of stolen goodies. Just what I need to keep my mind off of Hook. But the crime syndicate known as the Slasher Gang they're not just small time crooks now, they're turning deadly. They're changing. No longer content just to rob and pillage, everywhere they go now they leave a sea of blood in their wake. And nothing about what they're doing makes any sense. A fae stronghold's been robbed. Dozens of the queen's royal guards have been killed. Whatever was taken, I know it's bad. Like crazy, stupid bad. Like end of the world kind of bad. I don't know how I know this, I just do. Something feels really wrong. I can feel it, taste it in the wind, hear it in the changing tides. Something super evil, super deadly, and super scary this way comes. I only hope I can stop it, whatever it is, or Grimm as we know it might never be the same again . . .

"Chelsea continues to breathe life into the characters of Grimm. The different accents for different characters make you feel like you are right in the story...Shaun lends his talents to the chapters that are from a male character's point of view. He does a great pirate accent and really puts you into the feel of the gang." ---Sound Commentary

"This book very much benefits from a dual PoV and dual narration. I appreciated the addition of Shaun Grindell to take on Maddox’s PoVs." ---Books of My Heart

"I loved the dual narration. Both captured the emotions and suspense of the story. I loved all the voices created for secondary characters from villains to feds."---Caffeinated Book Reviewer

The Long Goodnight

Author Selene Charles

Narrated by Shaun Grindell, Chelsea Stephens

Publication date Jan 21, 2020

Running time 10 hrs

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