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Short Synopsis
From award-winning author Lauraine Snelling comes the latest installment of her A Secret Refuge series in which the Highwood siblings attempt to survive the end of the Civil War.

Full Synopsis
When a disastrous decision by the trainmaster forces Jesselynn Highwood and her companions to separate from the wagon train, she races back to Fort Laramie to find a guide to take them to Oregon. But the guide has a far different plan, and following her heart, Jesselynn agrees to join him, her ragtag band in tow.

Back east, Louisa Highwood and her brother Zachary are captured by Union soldiers for smuggling medical supplies into Richmond. Can Louisa find a way to obtain her brother's freedom before it's too late?

The future of the Highwood family—and that of their beloved Twin Oaks—hangs in the balance. Will the war's end bring them together again?

The Long Way Home

Author Lauraine Snelling

Narrated by Meredith Mitchell

Publication date Jul 7, 2015

Running time 10 hrs 14 min

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