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Short Synopsis
The Malefactor is E. Phillips Oppenheim's intriguing tale of a wronged man, his elaborate plans for revenge, and his new lover, who just might save him from his misanthropic ways.

Full Synopsis
Sir Wingrave Seton allowed himself to be imprisoned for nine years rather than betray a lady's honor. Seeking revenge for his incarceration, he acquires immense wealth for the sole purpose of destroying the lives of others. A lonely Boston housewife, a young stockbroker, and an orphaned daughter of a church organist all seem to be headed for life disasters. Just in time, however, a mysterious benefactor saves each of them.

Seton ultimately sets his sights on the woman who conspired with her husband to betray him. He takes great pleasure in watching the couple suffer the pain he inflicts upon them. But a new young lover slowly starts to thaw the Malefactor's icy heart, prompting him to abandon his misanthropic plans. However, is it too late?

The Malefactor, with eBook

Author E. Phillips Oppenheim

Narrated by John Bolen

Publication date Aug 3, 2009

Running time 8 hrs

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