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Short Synopsis
Elin Peer presents the third installment of the Men of the North series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Everyone knows NOT to discuss how to raise children.

The Men of the North have been living in exile for centuries, raising their boys without the influence of women. Now an experiment will bring girls and boys together in a new school with children and teachers from each side of the border. But how can two teachers work together when they don't agree on anything?

Sparks fly in this clash of cultures when Archer Rex objects to Kya Rae's meditation "shit" that will surely turn his Nboys into wusses. He wants the kids to learn how to hunt and fight instead.

Contains mature themes.

The Mentor

Author Elin Peer

Narrated by Noelle Bridges, John Masterson

Publication date Apr 24, 2018

Running time 9 hrs 9 min

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