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Short Synopsis
Those Across the River was hailed by #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris as "one of the best first novels I've ever read." Now comes Christopher Buehlman's new novel—one of uncommon horrors hiding behind the walls of the house next door . . .

Full Synopsis
"You think you got away with something, don’t you? But your time has run out. We know where you are. And we are coming."

The man on the screen says this in Russian.

"Who are you?"

The man smiles, but it's not a pleasant smile.

The image freezes.

The celluloid burns exactly where his mouth is, burns in the nearly flat U of his smile. His eyes burn, too.

The man fades, leaving the burning smiley face smoldering on the screen.

"Oh Christ," Andrew says.

The television catches fire.

Andrew Ranulf Blankenship is a handsome, stylish nonconformist with wry wit, a classic Mustang, and a massive library. He is also a recovering alcoholic and a practicing warlock, able to speak with the dead through film. His house is a maze of sorcerous booby traps and escape tunnels, as yours might be if you were sitting on a treasury of Russian magic stolen from the Soviet Union thirty years ago. Andrew has long known that magic was a brutal game requiring blood sacrifice and a willingness to confront death, but his many years of peace and comfort have left him soft, more concerned with maintaining false youth than with seeing to his own defense. Now a monster straight from the pages of Russian folklore is coming for him, and frost and death are coming with her.

"Todd Haberkorn is an engaging narrative guide." ---AudioFile

"The logic of the plot is eclipsed by the eruption of characters who evoke Dickensian whimsy and range from the merely unusual to the bizarrely imaginative. Within this magical universe, rivalries, revenge, and self-seeking contend with the willingness to sacrifice." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Buehlman quickly grabs the reader's interest and holds it until the last page. His method of jumping from one event to an ostensibly unconnected one works surprisingly well in exploring the complicated characters and their various obstacles." ---RT Book Reviews
Publishers Weekly Review

The Necromancer's House

Author Christopher Buehlman

Narrated by Todd Haberkorn

Publication date Oct 28, 2013

Running time 11 hrs 4 min

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