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Short Synopsis
In this insightful, informative, and provocative book, bestselling author and three-time U.S. senator Bill Bradley explores what it will take to make America a better, stronger, truer country.

Full Synopsis
Bill Bradley believes that America is at a crossroads, a "teachable moment" in which we are compelled to reevaluate our political system and leadership. With clarity and urgency, Bradley outlines the story we are being told now about who we are and what is possible for our nation. He then offers a new story, including what changes need to be made, and suggests that the party that chooses to embrace this new story will be in power for a generation.

Writing from his own experience in politics and drawing on his knowledge of history, Bradley shows how the Republican Party has built a solid pyramid structure since the 1970s, at the base of which are money, ideas, and media, whereas the Democratic Party's structure is an inverted pyramid, with too much emphasis put on the need for a charismatic leader to hold the pyramid up. Each party, for different reasons, fails to deal with the real issues that now confront America.

The New American Story is an informed and inspiring call to action, and it is addressed not only to the parties and elected leaders but to citizens as well. Bradley proposes things that every American can do to shape our nation's future. With this transformative and eye-opening book, Bill Bradley elevates the level of public discourse to illuminate the danger and the promise of our current American moment.

"A thoughtful look at American politics for citizens of whatever political persuasion." ---Booklist

"A thoughtful, incisive book." ---The New York Times

"Bradley puts forward a tough, plainspoken indictment of the Republicans and a vigorous and substantive Democratic reform program that deserves to be...debated." ---Publishers Weekly
New York Times Bestseller

The New American Story

Author Bill Bradley

Narrated by Michael Prichard

Publication date May 15, 2007

Running time 19 hrs

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