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Short Synopsis
Joseph Malik presents Book 2 in the Outworlders series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ancient Magic. Modern Steel.

Jarrod Torrealday, Lord Protector of Falconsrealm, awakens one glorious fall morning to find his castle under siege and his alliances shattered as a new threat rises: a revolution driven by a sorceress wielding forbidden magic and led by an unstoppable swordsman from the world he left behind. Worse yet, the weapons Jarrod brought with him from Earth are rocking the country on its heels and threatening everything he came to save.

At a candlelit crossroads of dark sorcery and espionage, Jarrod must choose whether to side with a sworn enemy for the good of the realm, or gamble the future of the kingdom in a showdown of ancient magic against modern steel.

Contains mature themes.

The New Magic

Author Joseph Malik

Narrated by Troy Duran

Publication date May 14, 2019

Running time 10 hrs

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