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Short Synopsis
Kevin O'Brien presents The Next to Die, a gripping thriller.

Full Synopsis
Everyone has something to hide . . .

The virile, all-American husband. The brainy golden girl. The happily wed bi-coastal couple.

Someone is watching . . .

Someone who has uncovered their darkest secrets. Someone who is hell-bent on making them pay for their sins.

No one suspects the truth . . .

Now there is no escaping the shadowy jury that watches their every move. Infiltrates every part of their lives. Stalking. Judging. Condemning. Punishment will be swift, severe, and final.

"The mystery was really intriguing and the characters were so unique that you both don’t know who to root for and who not to get too attached to." ---Literary Treasure Chest

"The narrative hits fever pitch in the final scenes as Olson, Cooper and Sutton confront the white supremacists that have sullied their reputations and threatened their loved ones. Gay rights, gun control and other hot-button issues augment the narrative tension, and O'Brien's snappy dialogue effectively maintains the breakneck pacing of this haunting read." ---Publishers Weekly

The Next To Die

Author Kevin O'Brien

Narrated by Joe Barrett

Publication date Aug 2, 2016

Running time 12 hrs 5 min

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