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Short Synopsis
In this sequel to his dynamic first novel, The Deadline, bestselling author Ron Franscell takes listeners on another wild ride with protagonist Jefferson Morgan.

Full Synopsis
When a world-renowned forensic anthropologist journeys to Winchester, Wyoming, to examine the long-dead remains of a woman who claimed to be Etta Place—the Old West's most mysterious and legendary female outlaw—he's not expecting to find a man's headless corpse in her crypt. The grisly discovery plunges him and Jefferson Morgan—the editor of the weekly Winchester Bullet—into a shadowy and deadly world of satellite-savvy highway pirates, rural meth labs, computer hackers, and old-fashioned corruption. And they might not survive the fall.

The Obituary

Author Ron Franscell

Narrated by Joe Barrett

Publication date Aug 22, 2017

Running time 6 hrs 28 min

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