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Short Synopsis
L. E. Modesitt, Jr., the author of the Imager Portfolio series, presents a stunning new science fiction novel.

Full Synopsis
The colony world of Stittara is no ordinary planet. For the interstellar Unity of the Ceylesian Arm, Stittara is the primary source of anagathics: drugs that have more than doubled the human life span. But the ecological balance that makes anagathics possible on Stittara is fragile, and the Unity government has a vital interest in making sure the flow of longevity drugs remains uninterrupted, even if it means uprooting the human settlements.

Offered the job of assessing the ecological impact of the human presence on Stittara, freelance consultant Dr. Paulo Verano jumps at the chance to escape the ruin of his personal life. He gets far more than he bargained for: Stittara's atmosphere is populated with skytubes—gigantic, mysterious airborne organisms that drift like clouds above the surface of the planet. Their exact nature has eluded humanity for centuries, but Verano believes his conclusions about Stittara may hinge on understanding the skytubes' role in the planet's ecology—if he survives the hurricane winds, distrustful settlers, and secret agendas that impede his investigation at every turn.

"Dufris unveils the many facets of Paulo--who is brilliant, out-of-his-element, even vulnerable--as he uncovers the secrets of Stittara while encountering scheming bureaucrats, distrustful settlers, and a rhyming savant. All are brought artfully to life in his narration. This production takes viewers to a distant place, which, thanks to Dufris, feels as familiar as next door." ---AudioFile

"Narrator William ­Dufris provides an excellent reading." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"One of Modesitt's best, which means, don't miss it." ---Kirkus Starred Review
Kirkus Review
Author Interview
L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

The One-Eyed Man

A Fugue, With Winds and Accompaniment

Author L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Narrated by William Dufris

Publication date Sep 17, 2013

Running time 12 hrs 5 min

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