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Short Synopsis
The saga of Recluce, launched in The Magic of Recluce and continuing in The Towers of the Sunset and The Magic Engineer, reaches a new climax in The Order War.

Full Synopsis
Set after the events of The Magic Engineer (and prior to The Magic of Recluce), The Order War illuminates great figures and major events in the historic war between order and chaos that is the central focus of the saga of Recluce.

The deadly White Wizards of Fairhaven, wielding the forces of chaos, have completed their great highway through the Westhorns and now threatened the ancient matriarchy of Sarronnyn, the last bastion of order in Candar. The ruler of Sarronnyn appeals to the Black order wizards of Recluce for help.

Justen—a young Black Engineer in the city of Nylan—joins the relief force. Despite their success in destroying more than half the White armies, Sarronnyn falls to the White Wizards, and Justen is chased into the most inhospitable desert in Candar. These trials are but the beginning, for the White Wizards have all Candar in their grasp. Justen must fight both Recluce and Fairhaven, as well as the highest powers of order and the forbidden technology to harness chaos itself in his efforts to halt the conquest of the chaos wizards.

"Modesitt creates a deeper and more intricate world with each volume." ---Publishers Weekly

"[Modesitt's] ability to concentrate on the personal lives of the characters as well as their involvement in world-shaking decisions gives depth and believability to a unique fantasy environment. A strong choice for most fantasy collections." ---Library Journal

"Modesitt's elaborate and intelligent working out of a system of magic and a system of technology parallel to it is becoming more the life-blood of the Recluce books with every new volume." ---Booklist
Author Interview
L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

The Order War

Author L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Narrated by Kirby Heyborne

Publication date Dec 9, 2013

Running time 23 hrs

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