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Kathleen Bridge presents Book 7 in the Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
As shooting concludes on the season finale of the TV mystery Mr. & Mrs. Winslow, interior decorator and set designer Meg Barrett can feel the hostility in the air. The show's new director had already alienated the entire cast and crew, and now Meg's boyfriend, Patrick, was ready to throttle him for taking liberties with the script. Meg thought the director was a very lucky man to have gotten out of there in one piece—until a few nights later when she stumbles over his dead body.

Meg knew it wasn't her job to investigate every murder she came across, especially that of a man so universally disliked, but Patrick had no alibi for the time of death and has now disappeared. As she begins to dig into every facet of the victim's life, she soon discovers that his children resented him for a lifetime of mistreatment, and his new fiancée had a history of leaving dead husbands in her wake. Certain that this was a family affair and that she was closing in on the killer, she'll have to rely on all her wits and cunning to nab the culprit, because they've decided to set the stage for her final scene . . .

The Perfect Staging For Murder

Author Kathleen Bridge

Narrated by Vanessa Daniels

Publication date Jul 25, 2023

Running time 7 hrs 8 min

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