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Short Synopsis
The Pioneer's Way is a rousing call to those who want to be the solution to the problems in their own communities and beyond. This book is for emerging pioneers, non-traditional leaders, along with parents, teachers, and mentors of the next generation.

Full Synopsis
Senseless school shootings, cure-defying epidemics, threats of environmental disaster: these are the kinds of headlines that riddle the news every day. We wonder, when will it stop?

While many advances have been made, there is still a need for everyday people to create, innovate, and impact their spheres of influence to advance the common good. Motivated by curiosity, conviction, and a conquering spirit, they can move to fill unoccupied spaces to nurture, persuade, understand, and solve some of society's lingering dilemmas. Those who do the initial significant work in these areas are the ones who bring about such needed change. They are pioneers.

The Pioneer's Way establishes a working definition of the pioneer, explores pioneering versus leadership, and offers essential characteristics of the pioneer. These are illustrated by colorful examples of pioneers both past and present—motivating listeners with inspirational, frontiering stories, while equipping them with the journey's essentials for moving forward to make needed, significant change. Listeners will journey down a systematic path that will help them navigate unfamiliar territory so they too can respond to the pioneer's call and answer it through effective, beneficial action in both their lives and the lives they touch.

The Pioneer's Way

Leading a Trailblazing Life that Builds Meaning for Your Family, Your Community, and You

Author Jennifer Hayden Epperson

Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

Publication date Nov 24, 2020

Running time 9 hrs 17 min

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