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Into the Wild meets Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man—a lyrical memoir of a life changed in an instant and of the perilous beauty of searching for identity in solitude.

Full Synopsis
On a clear May afternoon at the end of his junior year at Harvard, Howard Axelrod played a pick-up game of basketball. In a skirmish for a loose ball, a boy's finger hooked behind Axelrod's eyeball and left him permanently blinded in his right eye. A week later, he returned to the same dorm room, but to a different world. A world where nothing looked solid, where the distance between how people saw him and how he saw had widened into a gulf. Desperate for a sense of orientation he could trust, he retreated to a jerry-rigged house in the Vermont woods, where he lived without a computer or television, and largely without human contact, for two years. He needed to find, away from society's pressures and rush, a sense of meaning that couldn't be changed in an instant.

"A vibrant, honest, and poetic account of how two years of solitude surrounded by nature changed a man forever." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"This memoir is a keeper, touching and eloquent, full of hard lessons learned." ---Booklist Starred Review

"A deeply felt and moving journey into no longer taking life, or the world around us, for granted." ---Library Journal
Kirkus Review

Booklist Review

The Point of Vanishing

A Memoir of Two Years in Solitude

Author Howard Axelrod

Narrated by Howard Axelrod

Publication date Jun 7, 2016

Running time 6 hrs 21 min

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