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Short Synopsis
Jessie Mihalik presents Book 1 of the Rogue Queen series.

Full Synopsis
When the Quint Confederacy and the Kos Empire went to war—again—Queen Samara wisely kept her Rogue Coalition out of the conflict. But staying neutral in a galactic war doesn't pay the bills, not when both sides refuse to trade with neutral sectors.

With her people on the brink of starvation, Samara hatches a daring plan to snatch the kidnapped Kos Emperor from the Quint mercenaries holding him. The Kos Empire will pay a fortune for their emperor's return, enough to feed the Coalition's citizens while they wait for the return to a begrudging peace.

But when her plan goes sideways, Samara finds herself evading Quint mercenaries with the very man she intends to capture. And the more time she spends with Valentin Kos, the more she realizes that he's not the coldly indifferent villain she imagined. Torn between duty and desire, Samara must decide if saving her people is worth giving up the one thing she's always wanted.

"This narrator is new to me and I enjoyed her performance very much. Her voices for all the characters, male or female felt right. " ---Books of My Heart

"She [Dulude] has a great voice for sci-fi as well as strong, independent female characters, giving Samara a realistic and punchy personality!"---Bibliosanctum

"I did have to up the speed of the narrator to 2.0 cos I felt she was speaking too slowly. I did like her voice, but yes higher speed was needed for me." ---Books for Life

The Queen's Gambit

Author Jessie Mihalik

Narrated by Rachel Dulude

Publication date May 31, 2019

Running time 4 hrs 14 min

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