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Short Synopsis
Chris Kennedy presents the first book in his Worlds at War Saga.

Full Synopsis
Game On!

Billed as "the most realistic game ever," Worlds at War was a video game unlike any other—one that promised a virtual reality experience that rivaled operating a giant mecha in combat. People flocked to the game in anticipation.

For some, the game lived up to and far exceeded their expectations—the level of graphics was indeed, "just like being there." The game didn't provide the experience many others had hoped for, though; for a large number of players, the game was "too real to be fun."

For video game design majors Ryan Johnson and Noah Bowden, the game play was incredible. It made them feel like they actually were saving a foreign world from horrific enemies, and they rapidly moved up on the leaderboard of the game's best players.

But then fatal accidents began happening to the gamers at the top of the leaderboard, including many at which men in black were seen. When Ryan sees those same men at his dorm, he realizes there is more going on in the shadows of Worlds at War than he has been led to believe . . . but can he determine what's going on before a fatal accident happens to him, too?

The Replicant War

Author Chris Kennedy

Narrated by Adam Verner

Publication date Oct 16, 2018

Running time 7 hrs 5 min

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