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Short Synopsis
Denise Swanson presents Book 2 in the Forever Charmed Mysteries series.

Full Synopsis
The whole idea of even owning a business, let alone one that had an out-of-the-ordinary sideline like producing charms for those in need, is still new to Lexie Ravenscraft. A few months ago, she'd received a letter informing her that she had inherited her great-aunt Pandora Ravenscraft's estate.

Unfortunately, she'd soon discovered that her old life had been one big lie and the picture of herself as a wealthy heiress was about as far from reality as her name.

Turns out, she wasn't Lexie Green, she was Alexandra Ravenscraft. And if that wasn't enough to blow her mind, she was the Ravenscraft Shield. An entity that wielded magical powers to be used for the benefit of the citizens of Echo Springs, her new hometown.

Although Lexie is beginning to settle into her new role, there is still a lot she doesn't understand. While she's aware that having supernatural skills is apparently the norm in the community, it's considered impolite, or maybe even dangerous, to ask what type of abilities her fellow Echo Springians possessed.

Which is why rescuing her mother from the Wizard of Washington, figuring out how said Wizard ended up dead, and keeping Echo Springs from the dark magic is so difficult.

The Right to Bear Charms

Author Denise Swanson

Narrated by Tiffany Morgan

Publication date Jan 31, 2023

Running time 6 hrs 10 min

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