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Short Synopsis
J. New presents Book 3 in the Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
The glamour of the French Riviera quickly turns sour as Ella is caught up in an investigation which will have repercussions on both sides of the channel. But has she finally met her match?

When her mother telephones from France with news of her imminent arrest, Ella along with her aunt and an eccentric friend rush to her aid. But what starts as a simple disappearance quickly turns to murder and Ella finds herself embroiled in a mystery which is far more complex than she'd anticipated.

In a foreign land where she doesn't speak the language, has no jurisdiction, and doesn't know who to trust, Ella has to call upon all her usual skills and devise new ones in order to flush out the adversary in their midst.

But will she be in time to save the life of the man she came to find?

"Bond charms with her portrayals of the trio of sluething English ladies." -AudioFile

"Jilly Bond's narration was absolutely perfect for this gentle mystery, and I'm in awe of the way she portrayed all the different French and English characters." ---The Secret Library Site

The Riviera Affair

Author J. New

Narrated by Jilly Bond

Publication date May 21, 2019

Running time 6 hrs

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