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Short Synopsis
Mercedes Lackey presents Book 2 in the Bardic Voices series.

Full Synopsis
Rune, Robin, and Nightingale. Together they will save us all. (If we're very lucky)

Rune: She ran away from an abusive home to become the greatest violinist her world had ever known—and when The Ghost of Skull Hill tried to stop her, she played him to sleep!

Robin: No mean musician herself, she must make her own visit to Skull Hill—to recruit the dreadful ghost to their cause.

Nightingale: Alone she could accomplish nothing. So she joined forces with T'fyrr, a strange nonhuman with the face of a raptor and the voice of an angelic choir.

This unlikely set of heroes had the daunting task of saving the King—and through him the Gypsies, Free Bards, and non-humans of the twenty kingdoms. Fortunately, their opponents had no idea how potent a weapon music could be . . .

The Robin and the Kestrel

Author Mercedes Lackey

Narrated by Christa Lewis

Publication date May 10, 2022

Running time 13 hrs

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