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Short Synopsis
In this science fiction novel from K. M. O'Brien, starship engineer Anailu Xindar will have to go outside her comfort zone in order to send a beautiful but crippled luxury ship into space.

Full Synopsis
Starship Repair and Society Manners

She dreamed of adventuring across the stars as captain of her own sleek ship. Then Anailu Xindar grew up. She didn't lose her dream—she changed it; made it practical. She became a starship engineer; she saved her money; she earned the skills and experience a starship captain would need.

She still didn't feel ready to go out on her own—but then her safe job went sour.With her newly minted Imperial Shipmaster's License in hand, Anailu just needs to find and buy a cheap, reliable freighter. Instead, she ends up making a crazy deal for an impractical, rare ship that's long on beauty—but short a few critical components.

She's determined to get her crippled ship back out among the stars, but her technical skills won't be enough. Anailu will have to brave the dangers of a planet on the edge of the empire: safaris, formal dinners, rogue robots, and a fashion designer.

She may even have to make a few friends—and enemies.

The Sculpted Ship is set on the outskirts of a thousand-year interstellar empire, where a young woman with ambition, skill, and manners has a chance to achieve her dreams.

The Sculpted Ship

Author K.M. O'Brien

Narrated by Tanya Eby

Publication date Oct 24, 2017

Running time 10 hrs 3 min

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