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Short Synopsis
Joseph Conrad explores political and criminal intrigue in a modern society, in this intense 1907 thriller about a British double agent who infiltrates a cabal of anarchists.

Full Synopsis
Secret agent Mr. Adolph Verloc operates from a seedy Soho shop, where he deals in pornography and espionage. Idle, treacherous, and self-righteous, he makes the life of his wife, Winnie, one of silent misery. When Verloc is assigned to plant a bomb at Greenwich Observatory, his plans go terribly awry, and his family has to deal with the tragic repercussions of his actions.

Joseph Conrad's dark satire on English society, while rooted in the Edwardian period, remains strikingly contemporary. Presenting a corrupt London underworld of terrorists, grotesques, and fanatics, Conrad's savagely ironic voice is concerned not just with politics but with the desperate fates of ordinary people.

"Narrator Steven Crossley is in complete command, navigating Conrad's complex sentences with ease." ---AudioFile

The Secret Agent

Author Joseph Conrad

Narrated by Steven Crossley

Publication date Aug 3, 2010

Running time 11 hrs

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