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Short Synopsis
Vasily Mahanenko presents Book 3 in his Way of the Shaman series.

Full Synopsis
The virtual world of Barliona is a place of rest and entertainment—but not for everyone. It has become a survival arena for Daniel Mahan after he was sentenced to eight years in its virtual jail. Mahan has been through it all: the back-breaking work in the mines, betrayal by other prisoners, and finally, the retrial which has released him into Barliona's common world. What more could one want? Mahan could have kept a low profile and enjoyed relative freedom while serving the rest of his time. But being a Shaman, he can't help himself. Soon he's a clan leader, taking fifty of the continent's top players to claim the secrets of the Dark Forest.

"This cliff hanger of an action/adventure fantasy is deftly narrated by Jonathan Yen who brings Mahanenko's deftly crafted characters and plot twists fully to life in a kind of theatre of the mind experience for the listener." ---Midwest Book Review

The Secret of the Dark Forest

Author Vasily Mahanenko

Narrated by Jonathan Yen

Publication date Nov 8, 2016

Running time 19 hrs 3 min

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