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Short Synopsis
Brittany Fichter presents Book 1 in the Legacy of the Time Stones Trilogy series.

Full Synopsis
A failing warrior.

A prince in pain.

But among the cursed ashes of Solevar, a Seer is found.

Eirin is the king's favored warrior, but she has no doubt that she will fail her Combat Test. Drystan, the king's heir, can't understand why the king keeps training Eirin either. She'll never be able to defend the city. She can't even defend herself.

But when the Walled City is attacked, the king sends them both on a mission that he claims is their last hope. They must leave the Walled City to seek wisdom that will save everyone they love. Along the way, though, Eirin and Drystan discover truths about the world and themselves that put everyone around them in danger. Can they trust one another with these secrets? Or will the magic overwhelm them?

For whether they like it or not, the fate of the world might rest in their hands.

The Seer’s Secret

Author Brittany Fichter

Narrated by Stephanie Bentley

Publication date Nov 22, 2022

Running time 17 hrs

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